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Charities That Are Helping Ukraine’s Pets

April 1, 2022
The whole world has been watching the situation in Ukraine closely over this past month. Like many of you, we are concerned not only for Ukraine’s people, but also for its pets and wildlife. You may have seen stories about refugees refusing to leave their beloved pets behind. While the situation remains volatile, there are some wonderful organizations stepping up to help Ukrainian pets. A Savannah, GA vet looks at a few of them in this article from Westside Animal Hospital.

American Humane

American Humane’s history of helping animals goes all the way back to World War I, when they provided aid to warhorses. They are helping with the situation in Ukraine by sending aid to IFAW, but they also support conservation efforts, work with service dogs, and try to improve conditions for farm animals.

International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW)

One of the bigger organizations listed, IFAW started back in 1969, with the original purpose of protecting seals. Today, they are active in many areas of animal welfare, from caring for orphaned elephants to protecting wolves in Germany. In the southeast US, they also often rescue animals during and after hurricanes. They currently have over 1000 dogs in their care, and are also helping refugees by providing hot meals.

Humane Society International (HSI)

HSI is another global organization. Like IFAW, they are active in many fields. They are working on many animal advocacy projects, including pushing for legislation restricting wildlife trade and trophy hunting. They are also very much involved in disaster relief, and are rushing emergency aid to Ukraine’s shelters, rescues, and zoos.

Do Good Romania

Do Good Romania is normally a typical animal rescue outfit, focusing on helping stray and abandoned pets. They are currently helping in several ways, such as by donating and delivering dry dog food to Ukraine’s shelters, which have been out of supplies for weeks.


Warpaws normally focuses on helping animals impacted by war, and has been active in many places, including Iraq and Syria. Currently, they are working with other groups to go into Ukraine and rescue as many animals as they can. They’re also helping to resupply Ukraine’s shelters with food and medical supplies. All of us here at Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA animal clinic, are driven to provide the best veterinary care possible for your beloved pet. Please contact us anytime.

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