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Five Signs of a Sick Cat

October 15, 2015
Our feline friends are known for being a bit mysterious, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to illness. Cats are quite good at hiding their discomfort! Below, your Savannah, GA pet clinic, Westside Animal Hospital, discusses five signs of a sick cat so you know what to look for.

Behavior Changes

Take note of your cat’s behavior. Are they acting more distant than usual, when they’re normally very friendly and active? Perhaps they’re following you around more than usual, when they prefer being independent most of the time. Behavioral abnormalities like these could be more than simple chance; let your veterinarian know as soon as you think something is amiss.

Appearance Changes

A cat’s coat is one of the best indicators of her internal health. If your kitty’s fur is looking dry, dull, or lackluster recently, let your veterinarian know. In addition, if you see hair loss, bald patches, crusts, red areas of inflammation, or think that your cat’s shedding has increased or decreased dramatically, it’s time to call the vet. Disease, infection, infestation, and more could be to blame, and you’ll want to have these issues addressed as soon as possible.

Eating and Drinking Fluctuations

Eating or drinking more or less than normal is a red flag. Kidney disease, gum disease or other oral problems, and even cancer can cause a cat to stop eating or drinking; inflammatory bowel syndrome, diabetes, and other issues can actually cause a cat to consume more than usual. Any dramatic fluctuation in the amount of food and water your cat consumes is cause to call your vet’s office for help.

Abnormal Waste

This one isn’t the most pleasant, but it’s important for your cat’s health and well-being. While cleaning out your cat’s litter box every day, try to note the consistency, size, color, smell, and frequency of your cat’s stools. Changes in waste can be a sign of internal health problems, so you’ll want to contact your veterinarian’s office if you think something is wrong.

Smelly Breath

It’s easier said than done, but try to get a whiff of your cat’s breath on occasion. Rotten-smelling breath can indicate periodontitis, gum disease, rotting teeth, and internal health issues. Fruity or sweet-smelling breath, on the other hand, is a sign of diabetes. Does your pet need professional veterinary care? Call Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA veterinarian, to set up an appointment.

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