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Our Care Team

Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!



Office Manager

Rachel grew up in Savannah and the tri-county area, and was always the one bringing home stray animals and begging to keep them. She’s known ever since she was a little girl that she wanted to one day work hands-on with pets! Rachel gets to live her dream every day as one of Westside Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistants.

Rachel’s journey in animal care began when she started shadowing a local veterinarian. When that individual opened her own veterinary clinic, Rachel was invited to join as a member of the staff—she hasn’t looked back since! She was happy to become a member of the Westside Animal Hospital team in November of 2016, and continues to help pets and their loving owners as a Veterinary Assistant.

Rachel has a special passion for dentistry work, and never tires of seeing a patient’s mouth go from grimy to sparkling clean. She’s also fond of radiology and the way it gives her an insider’s view into the health of a pet, and she also likes parasitology and the great benefits that parasite control can offer.

When she isn’t helping pets feel better here at the hospital, Rachel can be found spending quality time with friends and family and doting on her own dog, a loving Jack Russell/Beagle mix named Darla.



Patient Care Specialist

Jessica has always had a special connection with animals. When one of her family pets was diagnosed with cancer, she sat in awe as the veterinarian went over all the options, including chemotherapy, which is what her parents chose. She was so intrigued by the experience that she decided right then and there she would one day work in the veterinary field. As a veterinary assistant, Jessica is thrilled to be living her childhood dream of working with animals every day and making a difference in their lives.

Jessica’s journey began as a pet sitter for friends and family. She loved it so much that she didn’t even care that she was often paid in chocolate. As she got older, she decided to apply for a receptionist position at a local vet clinic. Upon relocating to Savannah with her husband and children, Jessica officially enrolled in school and achieved her certification. She joined the Westside team as part of her externship. Professionally, Jessica has a particular interest in surgery. She also enjoys learning new things and seeing how everything works together.

At home, Jessica resides with her husband and three children. Her furbabies include four dogs and one cat. Jorjia is a bulldog mix who was adopted from the humane society. She loves to bark and jump. Astro is a red nose pit-bull that the family got as a ‘please take off our hands’ situation. He likes to bring you shoes and blankets. Johnny and June are a sweet sister and brother duo. Johnny smiles and June loves her belly rubs. Clara is the sweetest black cat ever! She loves to give kisses and snuggle.

When she’s not busy at work or tending to her family (two-legged and four), Jessica enjoys hanging out with friends. She’s down for watching scary movies any time of the year, day or night, and has recently found a renewed interest in crossword puzzles.




Donna joined the veterinary profession for two simple reasons: she’s always loved animals, and she has a knack for providing excellent customer service. That’s why she’s the perfect fit for Westside Animal Hospital’s front-desk team!

Donna is a Savannah native. She earned a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership—working full-time during her studies—and used to work at Virginia College. When the time came to look for another opportunity, she came across an opening here at Westside Animal Hospital. Donna joined the clinic family in June of 2019 and couldn’t be happier with her choice.

Here at the clinic, Donna enjoys the camaraderie and family-like bond she has with her coworkers. No shift is ever boring! She also loves to interact one-on-one with pet owners and meet their adorable companions.



Kennel Technician

When Delainie was a child, she had a dog named Cleo who suffered from neurological problems. Looking back, she remembers finding great comfort in the veterinary professionals who were so supportive through the challenging times. Now that she’s grown and in the animal care industry herself, Delainie hopes to pay it forward by helping other pet parents and their furry family members in any way she can.

Having always had a fascination with medicine and science, Delainie felt a career in the veterinary field would allow her to combine her interests with her passion for animals. In May of 2023, she had the opportunity to volunteer here at Westside Animal Hospital and instantly fell in love! She has since officially joined the team as one of our amazing kennel technicians and continues to learn and grow her skills daily.

Outside of the clinic, Delainie currently resides with her mother and spends most of her free time flat track racing—a hobby that has taken her all over the country to compete. She is currently a national title holder and has multiple national championships under her belt. She also enjoys mud riding.



Barketing Manager

Maevis, a.k.a. Bean, serves as the Westside Animal Hospital’s official “Barketing” Manager. Growing up with a mom who is the hospital manager, she’s been “working” here since she was just a baby. Over the years, Bean has become a fixture here at Westside. Even many of our feline patients have warmed up to her, though they still make her a little nervous!

Bean’s journey into the veterinary industry began as a puppy, when her mom, dad, and sisters met and fell in love with her. Professionally, she really enjoys the car ride to and from work, and how every day here at the clinic is an adventure. Her favorite part of the job by far is the treats! Making new friends and being loved on all day isn’t so bad either.

At home, Bean lives with her parents and two really cool big sisters – a bulldog and another beagle. They are her bestest friends in the whole world and all three can frequently be found snuggling together. In her spare time, Bean enjoys playing with stuffies and toys, and enjoying tasty treats.

“One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.”

 – Pam Brown