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Giving Your Dog a Pill

February 15, 2016
If you own a dog, you know that administering medication in pill form can prove easier said than done. Here, your Savannah, GA vet at Westside Animal Hospital offers a few helpful suggestions for getting Fido to take his meds.

Hide in Food

The easiest method of administering pills is usually hiding it in a glob of food or inside of a soft dog treat. You can also wrap a pill up in a slice of lean deli meat. In most cases, your dog will happily gobble up the morsel without ever realizing there was medication inside! Of course, this option won’t work if your dog’s medications are meant to be taken on an empty stomach—always read the pill bottle’s instructions before administering the medication.


In some cases, you can grind or crush up a pill, then sprinkle it over food or stir it into your dog’s kibble. While this method is effective in certain instances, it’s important to always check with your veterinarian before crushing or grinding up a pill. It’s possible that some medicines can be rendered entirely ineffective when ground up. Even worse, your dog’s pill might be a timed-release capsule, meant to be released into your dog’s system gradually. Crushing it up may administer a dangerous overdose of medicine to your dog all at once! If you’re not sure whether or not crushing a pill will be safe, call your vet’s office to confirm.

Trick Your Dog

The “toss trick” is another helpful method that works well with some dogs. If your pooch enjoys grabbing treats in mid-air as they’re tossed to him, you’re in luck. Grab a handful of treats, as well as your dog’s medication. Toss a treat or two, then the pill, then another treat. With any luck, your dog will think the pill is just another treat in the stream, and swallow it without a second thought.

Chewable Pills

Did you know that some varieties of medication now come in chewable and/or flavored forms? They’re formulated to taste just like a dog treat, so most of our canine companions tend to gobble them right up. Ask your vet if your dog’s medication or multivitamin comes in a chewable or flavored variety—it will certainly make your life a lot easier! Contact your Savannah, GA veterinarian at Westside Animal Hospital if you have any further questions about your dog’s medication regimen.

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