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Animal Shelters: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

April 1, 2016
Likely because of the nature of their work, animal shelters tend to get a bad rap. Don’t believe everything you hear! Below, your Savannah, GA vet from Westside Animal Hospital dispels some prevalent myths surrounding rescue shelters.

Shelters and Their Pets are Dirty

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shelters are held to a high standard of sanitation in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases in an area where a lot of animals are housed in close quarters. Shelter pets aren’t dirty, either—even if they first come to a shelter with some grime, they’re bathed, clipped, given nail trims, administered vaccinations if necessary, and even spayed or neutered in some cases.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Think all shelter pets are old, unwanted animals? Think again. The truth is that pets of all ages, from puppies and kittens to elderly animals, can be found in shelters. No matter what age of pet you’re looking for, they’re likely to be found in your local rescue shelter.

Shelter Pets Don’t Behave Well

Some make the mistake of thinking that a pet wouldn’t wind up in a shelter at all if they were well-behaved. This line of reasoning is fundamentally flawed; the vast majority of pets in shelters don’t find themselves there because of poor behavior and subsequent relinquishment by their owners. Issues like uncontrolled breeding and abandonment are much more common reasons that pets wind up in shelters. As a result, most pets in shelters are perfectly well-behaved!

Shelter Staff Don’t Have Real Animal-Care Experience

Think that shelter staff members are all inexperienced volunteers? Some may be volunteers, that much is true—don’t make the mistake of thinking shelter staff don’t have real animal-care experience, though. Many shelter volunteers also work full-time as veterinary technicians, animal trainers, assistants, animal behaviorists, animal control officers, groomers, or even licensed veterinarians!

Shelters Only Have Mixed Breeds

Are you looking for a specific breed of dog or cat? Before visiting a breeder or pet store, check out your local shelters. Shelters have much more than mixed-breed animals; there is the possibility that they’re carrying the exact pet you’re looking for, and you’ll get the satisfaction of saving a life! Do you have questions about the adoption process? Does your new four-legged addition need his or her first veterinary appointment? Set up an appointment with Westside Animal Hospital, your veterinary clinic in Savannah, GA.

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