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Homemade Holiday Treats for Fido

November 15, 2017
Do you enjoy cooking and baking around the holidays? If so, why not make something special for your dog? Fido would certainly appreciate a homemade snack! Read on as a local Savannah, GA vet lists some holiday treats for dogs.

Dog Nog

Whether you like eggnog or not, there’s a good chance that Fido will love his! To make a dog-friendly version of this classic holiday treat, start by mixing plain yogurt with two jars of organic baby food. (You can pick any flavor you think your pet will like.) Add 2 eggs and a little water, and then use a blender to smooth out the mixture. Top it with a cute doggy biscuit and hand it over to your four-legged pal.

Pumpkin Yums

For this simple snack, combine pureed pumpkin with natural peanut butter, egg, and whole-wheat flour. Once the batter is smooth enough, divide it into small portions. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until hard.

Dried Sweet Potato Yums

Dried sweet potatoes are great for our canine pals to chew on! Slice some cleaned sweet potatoes lengthwise, into long flat pieces. Each strip should be about ¼ inch wide. Then, cook at 250 for about 3 hours. You can also use a dehydrator, if you have one.


Fido’s version of this delicious meal isn’t very different from one you would make for people. Start with minced turkey or beef, and then add eggs, breadcrumbs, whole-wheat flour, peas, carrots, and parmesan cheese. Cook at 350 for about an hour and a half. For extra cuteness, have your pooch do a trick for his snack!

Gingerbread Cookies

For this recipe, you’ll need to add honey, water, and olive oil to a cup of molasses to form the base. Then, add cinnamon, cloves, baking soda, whole-wheat flour, and chopped ginger. Divide into small portions and cook at 350 for about 20 minutes. Instant tail wags!


You can find many more great doggy treat recipes online, or make your own. Just be sure to only use pet-safe ingredients. Never give Fido garlic, onions, or chives; raw foods; meat on the bone; grapes, currants, or raisins; caffeine; chocolate; alcohol; pitted fruits; or nuts. Ask your vet for more information. Happy Holidays! Please reach out to us, your local Savannah, GA pet hospital, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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