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DIY Pocket Pet Toys

June 1, 2018
Do you have a bunny, gerbil, Guinea pig, or hamster? These tiny furballs can really make adorable little pets. Making sure your tiny pal has plenty of toys, including lots of chew toys, is very important. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a local Savannah, GA vet lists some great DIY toys for pocket pets.


The tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls can make all sorts of fun playthings. Stuff them with fresh grass hay or herbs, or stack them into a pyramid tied with twine. You can also cut them into rings, and then use them to form a ball. Put a snack inside to make this extra fun!


Want to really pamper your pet? Make the little guy a tiny box castle. This can be as simple as just attaching a few boxes together. Or, if you want to go all out, make your cute pet a palace, completely with balconies, turrets, doors, and windows.

Treat Toys

String some twine between two chairs, and use clothespins to hang leafy greens. Or, roll up a paper ball around a yummy treat. Just be sure to only offer safe, suitable foods. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Smaller animals often love exploring mazes and tunnels. You can make these out of shoeboxes, paper grocery bags, or even PVC pipe. You can even make paper mache ones. Just be sure to use only newspapers that use nontoxic ink. For paste, opt for flour and water instead of real glue.


You can make some great playthings out of plain paper. A simple crumpled-up paper ball will do in a pinch. Or, shred some plain paper, and put the pieces in a paper lunch bag or a shoebox. If you’re feeling really creative, fold paper into little shapes. (This is a great way to occupy kids on rainy days.)

Wooden Items

Many wooden items, such as children’s blocks and large spoons, can make great toys for these little guys!


Always put your pint-sized pal’s safety first. Never give your pet anything that has sharp edges or small parts. Also, avoid anything covered in decorative coatings, like varnish, glitter, paint, or dye. Ask your vet for more information. Please call Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA pet hospital, with any questions about caring for your pocket pet. We’re always here to help!

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