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Cuddly Kitten Day

March 15, 2019
There’s a super cute holiday around the corner. March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day! There are few things more adorable than baby cats. In fact, kittens may very well be the perfect cuddlers. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a local Savannah, GA local vet discusses cuddling kittens.

The Rules

There are a few things to keep in mind when cuddling kittens. First, never force little Fluffy to submit to being petted. Let your tiny feline approach you when she wants to snuggle. If your furball seems scared, just let her go.

Lap Time

There are many things to love about cats, but one great thing about them is the fact that they fit so purrfectly onto our laps. Baby cats often feel safest when they are being held and cuddled, so don’t be surprised if your feline pal quickly gets into the habit of snoozing on your lap. Of course, you may find yourself more or less stuck in place if your pet falls asleep on you. It’s pretty much impossible to disturb a sleeping kitten without feeling guilty!

Purr Activation

Did you know that purring may have started as a way for mothers and baby cats to communicate? Kittens can’t meow when they are nursing, but they can purr during dinner. To get little Fluffy’s motor going, try rubbing her forehead gently, going in the direction of her fur. Some cats prefer ear scritches, back scratches, or chin rubs. Others don’t like to be petted much at all. Pay attention to what your feline buddy likes and dislikes.


Does your four-legged buddy sometimes knead you? This cute, but somewhat painful, show of affection is actually a very high kitty compliment. Kittens knead their mothers to stimulate milk flow. Therefore, this is a good indication that your tiny furball thinks of you as her parent! (Tip: Put a towel on your lap before settling in with little Fluffy.)


If you have long hair, little Fluffy may very well try to chew on your locks. Kittens also sometimes suck at their human’s clothing. For instance, your tiny pal may nibble at the strings from a hooded sweatshirt. This behavior is basically a leftover nursing instinct. Cats generally outgrow it on their own. Do you have questions about caring for a cat? We’re here to help! Please contact us, your Savannah, GA vet clinic, today.

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