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National Kids and Pets Day

April 15, 2019
National Kids and Pets day is coming up April 26th! This is a great time to talk about the love and friendship that can grow between children and their beloved pets. In fact, our animal friends really help teach children, and offer them love and support. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet discusses kids and pets.


Do you remember your first pet? Chances are, he or she holds a very special place in your heart. Animals can form very strong bonds with their human pals. Pets often take on a sort of guardian role with their little human pals. Fido may keep a close eye on ‘his’ toddler, while Fluffy may cuddle up with her young pal to nap.


Having a pet is often one of the earliest responsibilities a child knows. While we don’t recommend getting very young children their own pets, children can start helping care for the family pet. Even having your youngster brush your dog or feed your cat can help teach them about responsibility.

Mental Health

One of the best things about our animal companions is the fact that they offer unconditional love and friendship. Having a furry buddy to hug and cuddle with can be very soothing on bad days. Pets also often outlast childhood friendships: your pet will be part of the family for years, offering your child comfort, love, friendship, and companionship.


Pets teach children a very crucial lesson: the importance of being kind. Whether it’s giving a dog a treat, or taking time to play with a kitten, the interaction between kids and pets can be very enlightening. It feels great to do something nice for an innocent animal! And, teaching your little one not to pull Fluffy’s tail or tease the dog is also a crucial lesson.


Pets make great playmates for children. Fido loves playing Fetch, while Fluffy never gets tired of chasing that little red dot. Talk about a win-win!


There are lots of great ways to celebrate this special occasion. Take some photos of your children and pets, or have your kids make homemade pet toys, treats, or furniture. At the end of the day, settle down with a cute family movie about animals. Happy National Kids And Pets Day! As your Savannah, GA pet clinic, we offer excellent veterinary care. Call us anytime!

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