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Purrfect Ways To Prevent Kitty Boredom

August 1, 2020
Did you know that cats can get bored and unhappy with nothing to do? We know, Fluffy seems to really enjoy doing as little as possible. However, even the laziest feline can get restless just staring at the walls all day. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA veterinarian offers some advice on preventing kitty boredom.


Toys are of course the best source of entertainment for kitties. While you will definitely need some that you can use to play with Fluffy, it’s also important for your furball to have playthings she can use by herself. Rotate these out frequently to keep things fresh and fun.


Our feline friends are very curious. (Actually, Fluffy may be a bit too curious, but that’s another topic.) Offer your inquisitive furball things to investigate and explore. Cat towers and catwalks are great. Kitties also enjoy things like empty boxes, paper bags, and newspaper tunnels.


We always recommend keeping cats indoors. They’re just much safer inside! However, you can get some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to nibble on and hide behind. (Bonus: plants will make your home both look and smell better.) You can find a great list online at the ASPCA website here.

Window View

A good window seat is an absolute must for kitties. In fact, if Fluffy doesn’t have a path to a window, she’ll probably create her own. Offer your pet a comfy seat in a spot with a good view. Your furry little voyeur may spend hours just relaxing and spying on the locals!

Background Noise

If you leave your furball home alone, turn a radio or TV on for background noise. The sound of music and voices will soothe Fluffy, and offer her beneficial mental stimulation. This will help keep her from feeling lonely.


Did you know that there are programs, DVDs, and even whole streaming channels made just for Fluffy? While some finicky felines will just turn their noses up at cat TV, others really enjoy watching shows about mice and other critters. Give it a try!


Fluffy’s favorite source of entertainment is definitely you. Pay lots of attention to your furry buddy! Talk to her, play with her, and let her snooze on your lap. Please contact us here at Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA veterinary clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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