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Cute Ways to Decorate Your Pocket Pet’s Cage

December 15, 2020
Have you finished decorating for the holidays yet? If you have a pocket  pet, such as a Guinea pig, gerbil, or hamster, you can also have some fun with their cage. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA veterinarian lists some cute holiday decorations for pocket pet cages. 


Pocket pets often feel secure in small spaces. Make your pint-sized pal a cozy pet tent out of a seasonal material. You can also give your furry pal a seasonal bed or pillow to snuggle up in.

Paper Snowflake Chains

This one is a great project for kids! Have your little ones make snowflake chains out of plain paper. This will serve double duty as a decoration and a chew toy.

Hide Box

Smaller animals need some sort of hide box to retreat to. Many seasonal items, such as gift boxes or tissue boxes, will work for this. You might even find an adorable igloo or gingerbread house in pet stores. Only offer things that were printed with nontoxic dye. Avoid anything coated in paint, varnish, or glitter.


Another thing you can do is give your little furball some cards. As long as you get ones printed with nontoxic ink, your pet can actually eat his holiday greeting!

Holiday Dishes

It may be quite easy to find seasonal bowls or dishes that will work for your pet. Some dollar store items will even work. However, don’t give your furry friend anything made of thin plastic, as it could break into small pieces if chewed.

Outside Decorations

Another thing you can do is hang lights or decorations outside your pet’s cage. Just make sure that these are out of reach of those tiny paws! If you’re hanging lights, you’ll also want to take care that they won’t get wet. It’s best not to use tinsel or garlands, though, as it would be too easy for pieces to get into your buddy’s home. These can be very dangerous if chewed.

Wooden Objects

Did you know that many wooden objects are safe for pets? Arts and crafts stores often have plain wooden tree or snowflake ornaments you can give your little buddy. Don’t use pine or cedar, though: they are actually toxic to pets. Happy Holidays from Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA veterinary clinic. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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