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Quick Coat Care Tips for Your Dog

January 15, 2021
How is your dog’s coat of fur looking lately? It’s easy for us to overlook our dogs’ coat care, which can result in dull, dry coats of fur and increased shedding. But when you take some simple steps to maintain Fido’s coat, your pup looks and feels their very best. Learn how below from a Savannah, GA veterinarian: 

Feed a great diet.

Your dog’s coat health actually starts from the inside. When he or she receives a well-balanced, nutritious diet, their skin and fur stays in top shape. Ask your vet to recommend a high-quality pet food that suits your animal companion’s age, size, and breed. You’ll find that your dog’s coat looks and feels better when they’re eating right. 

Brush regularly.

Almost every dog can benefit from regular brushing. Not only does brushing pull out most of your dog’s loose or dead fur, it helps to remove grime from underneath the fur and it spreads essential skin oils throughout the coat to moisturize it naturally. That means less shedding in the long run. Ask your veterinarian what kind of brush type will work best for your particular dog’s coat. 

Bathe occasionally.

Bathing your dog occasionally is another great way to make sure their coat of fur stays in great shape. Always use a canine-formulated shampoo, as other shampoos might be too strong for your dog’s skin. And don’t bathe too often—that can backfire and dry out the coat, leading to coarse fur and more shedding. 

Use pest preventatives.

Something like a flea infestation can ruin even the best coats of fur in no time at all. That’s why keeping your pet on high-quality preventatives is so essential. Most pets do well with a flea and tick medication and a heartworm preventative. Talk to your veterinarian right away if your dog is in need of these important health measures. 

Ask your vet about supplements. 

Many dogs can benefit from a fish oil supplement. Fish oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which boost skin and coat health, among other great health benefits. Talk to your vet to learn more about fish oil supplements and find out if you should give one to your dog.  Would you like more advice on keeping your dog’s coat of fur looking great? We can help with that. Get in touch with your Savannah, GA animal hospital today to speak with your local animal-care professionals.

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