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Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

June 1, 2021
Georgia summers can be pretty scorching. This can be hard on our canine pals! Fido does have a fur coat on, and he can’t sweat to cool off the way we can. As temperatures rise, it’s important for you to take some steps to keep your dog cool and comfy. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a local Savannah, GA vet suggests a few ways you can do that.


First and foremost, make sure that Fido always has plenty of cool, fresh water available to him. You may need to put out more than one water station. Many dogs prefer to drink running water, so you may want to get your furry friend a fountain.

Kiddie Pool

If you don’t have a pool, consider getting one for your pup. Some dogs really enjoy splashing around on hot days! This is also a good option for dogs that aren’t good swimmers, such as brachycephalic pooches and toy breeds. Just make sure the water isn’t any deeper than your pet’s chest.


Swimming can be just as enjoyable for dogs as it is for people. However, you can’t tell Fido to stay out of the deep end, or explain swim safety to him. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your pet! The most important things are to monitor your pup closely, teach him where the stairs are, and keep the pool fenced off when it’s not being used.

Cooling Vest

Some dogs really struggle with the heat. If your pet is one of them, he may enjoy a cooling vest. Some of these you would store in the freezer. Others you just soak with water. For a quick DIY option, tie a hot bandana around your pet’s neck on hot days.

Cold Treats

Summer days and ice cream are a perfect pairing. Pick up some doggy ice cream for Fido. You can find this in many pet stores or grocery markets. You can also make your pet some frozen treats.

Summer Cut

Fido may be more comfortable with a summer trim. This doesn’t apply to dogs with double coats, though. Check with your vet if you’re not sure whether or not to give your pup a haircut. Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Savannah, GA animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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