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Keeping Exotic Pets Cool

July 15, 2021
We’re moving into the hottest part of the year now. For people with pets, that means you’ll need to pay some extra attention to your animal companion, and make sure they don’t overheat. There’s lots of information to be found on keeping dogs and cats cool. Our littler animal friends, however, have special requirements, as do exotics. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers a few tips on keeping exotics cool.


The most important thing is making sure that your pet is staying properly hydrated. You may want to provide more than one water station. If you use water bottles, keep an extra in the freezer overnight. You can give it to your furry buddy in the morning, or when it starts getting hot. Your little friend will always have a cold drink available as the ice melts.

Room Temperature

Many smaller pets and exotics have very specific temperature ranges, and can get quite sick if it is warmer or colder than that. Don’t put your pet’s habitat in direct sunlight. You may also need to keep a fan on in your pet’s room, to keep the air circulating.


Most exotics and pocket pets need bedding. However, you may not need as much at this time of year. If your furball uses a hide box, you may want to use one that will stay cooler. For some pets, this may mean getting a bigger one, which won’t trap as much body heat. For others, it may be more beneficial to get something thicker, which may stay cooler. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Cold Snacks

One thing that is popular with both people and pets in summer? Cold treats! Many pets can have cold or frozen fruits or veggies, or perhaps even an ice cube. Just stick to things you know are safe for your pet. Ask your vet for recommendations on this.


This one is by no means a universal recommendation. Some exotics, such as ferrets, absolutely love splashing around in water, and will enjoy having their own little pool, which should be a shallow rubber bin. Other pets, such as rabbits, actually go into shock if they are submerged in water. Do plenty of research on this! Here at Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime!

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