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Fluffy’s First Summer

July 2, 2022
Have you recently adopted a kitten? Or perhaps we should ask if a kitten has adopted you. Our feline friends don’t waste much time when it comes to wrapping their humans around their paws! That first year is crucial to your furry pal’s mental and physical development. It’s also the time when little Fluffy’s mischief setting is dialed up to 11. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers some kitten care tips.


Kittens need lots of TLC. Little Fluffy will need to go to the vet for her initial exams, parasite control, and vaccinations. Microchipping and spay/neuter surgery should also be on the agenda. This is a great time to ask for care tips!


The hot weather can be very dangerous to our feline overlords. Keep a close eye on little Fluffy! Watch for signs that she is getting too hot. Some common ones include panting, trembling, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and unusual vocalizations. If you notice anything off, immediately give your kitten some water and take steps to cool her off. You can hold her in front of a freezer, give her a bag of frozen veggies to lay on, or put a damp towel beneath her legs. Call your vet as you are doing this, and ask for further instructions.


Your frisky feline will want to investigate anything and everything within paws’ reach. You’ll need to do some petproofing to keep your little furball safe. Some things that you would want to address include toxic plants; medications; chemicals, such as cleaning agents, automotive products, and lawn/garden products; small or sharp objects; and anything with ropes or strings. It’s also best to keep large appliances, like toilets and dryers, closed.

Staying Grounded

One of the best things you can do for Fluffy? Keep her indoors! It’s much safer for her. It will also be easier if you lay down the law now, and keep your pint-sized friend inside from day one.


Just like human babies, kittens need to feel loved and safe. Spend lots of time with Fluffy! Let her snooze on your lap, and offer lots of attention. Talking to your furry buddy is also important. The more you interact with your tiny buddy, the more interactive she’ll become! Please contact Westside Animal Hospital, your local Savannah, GA animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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