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Senior Rabbit Care

October 17, 2022
Did you know that bunnies can be seniors at only six years of age? These days, many pet rabbits live 10 to 12 years, or even longer, so a six-year-old furball may still have plenty of great years ahead of her. Your fuzzy little friend may not even slow down much until she’s nine or ten. However, as Floppy ages, she will need some extra TLC. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet discusses senior bunny care.


Just like people, bunnies go through changes as they get older. You may notice weight loss, thinning hair, dry skin (particularly on the ears), lower energy, and reduced muscle mass. Floppy may lose some of her get-up-and-go, and she may sleep more than she used to.

Common Illnesses

Your fuzzy buddy’s chances of developing certain illnesses and diseases will increase over time. Some of the issues we often see in senior rabbits include dental trouble, heart disease, respiratory problems, kidney issues, arthritis, urinary tract infection, loss of vision and/or hearing, and sore hocks. Fortunately, many medical issues can be treated, or at least managed. However, the risk of any illness becoming life-threatening is increased in older animals. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything unusual.

Senior-Friendly Facilities

Make sure that Floppy has a comfy bed. She’ll also need soft things to hang out on, both inside and outside of her cage. Bath mats are good options. Consider putting carpet runners over your floors. This is good for traction, and can be particularly helpful for bunnies with vision problems.

Calm Bunny, Happy Bunny

Reducing stress is also a big one. Bunnies can literally die of fright! Floppy should be in a quiet, cozy area, where she feels safe but not too isolated.

Beauty Regimen

Keeping up with Floppy’s grooming needs is also crucial. That includes nail trims and dental care. Brushing and petting your four-legged buddy will soothe her and make her feel loved. This is also a good time to check for things like lumps, bumps, and lesions.


The most important thing is really to pay attention to Floppy every day, and make sure that she feels loved, safe, comfy, and maybe a little bit pampered. Senior bunny binkies are adorable! Do you have any questions about caring for your senior bunny? Contact Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA vet clinic, today!

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