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Adopting a Bunny

September 15, 2016
Are you considering adopting a bunny? Rabbits can make charming and loveable pets. Floppy is not only super-cute, she’s also lots of fun! Bunnies do have some specific care needs, however, so you’ll want to do some research before adopting one. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA veterinarian discusses adopting a bunny.

Choosing Your Bunny

Different types of rabbits have different care requirements. Angoras, for instance, need lots of grooming to keep all that pretty fur neat and clean. Lops, on the other hand, have adorable long ears that need extra care. We recommend doing some research, and getting your new furry friend from a reputable breeder.


Floppy’s cage should be big enough so that she can run, hop, stand up, stretch out, and lay down without tripping over her things. We recommend a wire cage with a solid bottom. You’ll need to add a good substrate, like aspen. Avoid pine or cedar substrates, which aren’t safe for rabbits. Your furball will also need a hidey-hole, dishes, and a water bottle. A litterbox and hayrack are optional.


Bunnies need time out of their cages every day, so a bit of bunnyproofing is in order. Remove, protect or secure toxic plants; wires and cords; chemicals; baseboards; furniture legs; small and sharp items; and personal possessions, like shoes and purses. You’ll also want to seal off spaces behind and below your furniture and cabinets. Ask your vet for more information.


Fresh grass hay, such as Timothy hay, should make up the bulk of Floppy’s diet. Your furry friend can have commercial bunny food for her main meals. She’ll also need some fresh produce every day, as well as the occasional treat. Always research a new food before giving it to your pet, to make sure it’s safe. Ask your vet for advice on feeding times, portion sizes, safe and unsafe foods, and suitable snacks.


Your cute pet will need lots of fun toys. Bunnies need to chew to keep their teeth healthy, so offer Floppy plenty of chewable playthings. Many wood, cardboard, and paper items can make great rabbit toys. Just choose ones that don’t have sharp edges or small pieces, and aren’t coated in paint, dye, or varnish. Ask your vet for specific recommendations. Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA animal clinic!

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