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Choosing Cat Toys

October 1, 2016
When you move your sofa, do you sometimes find a pile of cat toys beneath it? If so, you’re not the only one. Toys are actually great for Fluffy: they not only entertain her, they help keep her active, and provide beneficial mental stimulation. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers some tips on choosing kitty toys.

Wand Toys

Wand toys can be really fun for Fluffy. Playing with a toy on a string can mimic a real-life hunting experience for your ferocious little predator, especially if you’re controlling it. This can really get kitties up and moving! Just be sure to put these toys up when they aren’t in use: you don’t want your pet getting tangled up!

Laser Pointers

Like wand toys, laser pointers challenge and stimulate kitties. Fluffy may have a blast trying to catch that pesky red dot! Be careful to avoid pointing the laser directly into your furry friend’s eyes.

Stuffed Animals

Little stuffed animals are classic kitty toys. Catnip can make these playthings even more fun for Fluffy! Remember to replace your cat’s playthings when they start getting worn or dirty.

Automated Toys

There are some really neat modern toys available for kitties. Fluffy may love chasing after a robotic mouse, which will respond to her movements. You can also offer your furball remote-controlled mice, automated laser pointers, and many other fun playthings. You can even download games for your feline friend to play on your tablet or smartphone!

Toys That Aren’t Toys

Of course, not all cats have hi-tech taste. Fluffy may completely ignore the fancy new toy you just bought her, and instead merrily chase after the cap from a milk gallon. Kitties also like batting around balls of crumpled-up paper. Just be sure to only let your furball play with safe items: avoid anything with sharp edges or dangling threads, as well as items with small parts that could choke her. Ask your vet for more information.


Does your cat destroy or lose her playthings faster than you can replace them? Go the DIY route: grow your own catnip, and make Fluffy some mice out of cloth scraps or baby socks. Look online for more great homemade kitty toy ideas. Is your kitty due for a veterinary exam? Call Westside Animal Hospital today! As your Savannah, GA, we are here to help!

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