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Care Tips for Your Senior Cat

January 15, 2017
Cats are generally considered seniors around the age of eight or nine, although some of our feline friends can stick around for much longer. If your cat is getting up there in the age department, consider these tips from a Savannah, GA veterinarian to help keep her happy and healthy:

Senior Diet

All aging cats should be fed a specially formulated senior diet made for the needs of older felines. This is the best way to get your cat the nutrition she needs in her golden years. To get a recommendation on a great food choice, as well as advice on transitioning your cat to a new diet, talk to your veterinarian.

Grooming Help

While cats are the consummate self-groomers, some of our aging companions can use a bit of help. This is especially true of cats suffering from the painful twinges of arthritis; they may not be able to reach areas they once could. Brush your cat’s coat on a regular basis to remove loose hair and spread essential skin oils through the fur. Also make sure your elderly cat has a scratching post on hand to help blunt her claws.


It’s a sure bet that your cat will love resting on a soft bed at the end of a long day (not to mention through most of the day). Provide your feline companion with a plush pet bed, and outfit it with a few soft and fuzzy blankets to ramp up that extra coziness factor. Your cat will thank you!

Home Modification

It may not be as easy as it used to be for your cat to get up on her favorite piece of living-room furniture, or up onto her preferred windowsill. Consider purchasing or building pet ramps to help Fluffy up onto these surfaces. Does your cat have to traverse slippery tile or wood flooring throughout her day? A rug or even a strip of carpet can be very useful for helping her to maintain her footing.

Litter Box Tips

If your home has multiple floors, consider adding a litter box to each one. This way, your cat doesn’t have to trek up and down the staircase every time needs to use the bathroom. It also minimizes the risk of accidents as your cat ages. Does your senior cat need veterinary attention? Want more care tips for your pet? Call your Savannah, GA animal hospital today!

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