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Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage

July 15, 2018
Are you adopting a Guinea pig? Congratulations! Since your tiny pet will spend the majority of his time in his cage, making sure he is comfortable in his home is very important. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet discusses setting up a Guinea pig cage.


If you get one Guinea pig—or cavy—you’ll need a cage that is at least 7.5 square feet. If you’re getting more than one cavy, you’ll need a bigger cage. Of course, when it comes to animal habitats, bigger is always better. If you want to increase your pet’s living space without giving up too much room, get a two-story cage with an enclosed ramp.


Make sure your pet’s cage offers good ventilation. Guinea pigs really aren’t much for climbing, so you don’t have to have a cover (unless you have a dog or cat you need to keep out). Pick a cage with a solid floor, though. Wire floors can cause serious injuries. They also won’t hold substrate.


Choosing the right spot for your Guinea pig is very important. Your furball will be happiest if he can see or hear you, but isn’t in the middle of things. A family room or living room is a good option.


If you have dogs or cats, don’t put the cage on the ground. Your cavy probably won’t feel very comfortable with Fido and Fluffy constantly staring at him!


Next, you’ll need to add accessories. Your furry buddy will need at least one hidey-hole to retreat to when he wants privacy or feels a little scared. Guinea pigs also love cozies, which are basically tiny tents for pocket pets. You’ll also need to add a water bottle and dishes. A hayrack and litterbox are optional, but helpful. Last but not least, add lots of fun toys, including plenty of suitable chew toys. Ask your vet for more information.


You’ll need to choose a suitable substrate. Aspen is a good option. You can also use fleece. Avoid pine and cedar substrates: they’re toxic to cavies.


Temperature is also important. Don’t put your pet in direct sunlight, or near a fan, fireplace, air conditioner, or heating duct. Please contact Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about Guinea pig care. We’re here to help!

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