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Gardening With Fido

August 1, 2018
Do you want to plant a garden? Are you holding back out of concern that your dog will destroy it? Fido is very cute and lovable, but he isn’t perfect. In fact, his gardening skills leave a lot to be desired. In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers tips on gardening with dogs.

Dog-Friendly Design

Before planting a garden, take some time to observe your canine companion when he’s hard at play in the yard. Does Fido run back and forth in the same spot? Note the paths your four-legged buddy takes on his squirrel patrol route, and incorporate those as walkways in your garden design.


While you can certainly use fencing to divide up your yard, you may find that shorter barriers will also do the trick. You can use driftwood, box gardens, potted plants, low walls, or even hedges to separate your garden from Fido’s play area.

Plant Wisely

When planting your garden, put the most fragile plants in the middle of your beds, and surround them with thicker ones. Also, keep in mind that many popular plants—such as tulips, daffodils, and Sago palms—are dangerous to dogs. You can find a complete list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website.

Ground Covers

Keep your canine buddy in mind when choosing ground covers. Mulch, for instance, isn’t the best option. Fido can get splinters in his paws from running on it, and could choke if he tries to eat it. Mulch also offers fleas and ticks convenient hiding spots. Cocoa mulch is extra dangerous, as it’s toxic to dogs. Thyme, buffalo grass, and artificial turf are all pet-friendly options.

Separated Areas

Divide your yard into sections, and set aside one part for your garden and one for your pet. Plain kennels or runs can get boring, so make Fido’s spot more fun by adding things like a doghouse, sandbox, and/or a kiddie pool. Don’t leave your pup outside too long: dogs are both happier and healthier living indoors!

Entertain The Pup

Make sure that Fido has plenty of toys, and is getting enough exercise, stimulation, and playtime. If your pooch is getting enough activity and entertainment elsewhere, he may leave your garden alone! Contact us here at Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA vet clinic, for your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!

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