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Things Fido is Thankful For

November 15, 2018
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Although it’s always great to savor a scrumptious holiday meal, it’s also important to remember the true meaning of the autumn holiday: gratitude. We are definitely thankful for our pets! But if your dog could list the things he’s most appreciative of, what do you think would make the list? In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet lists some things that your canine buddy is grateful for.


Nothing gets Fido more excited than the thought of a tasty treat. There’s nothing wrong with giving your pooch a special snack, as long as you don’t go overboard.

Belly Rubs

Does your dog grin with pleasure when you rub that furry belly? Does he start thumping his paw when you get that itchy spot? Our canine pals are adorable when they want attention!


It’s pretty hard to resist Fido when he comes running up to you holding his favorite toy. Indulge your pet’s adorable requests for playtime. It’s hard not to smile when watching a playful pup frolic and run!

Car Rides

This is one topic Fido and Fluffy couldn’t disagree on more. Most cats think that cars are evil robots hurtling them to certain doom. Man’s Best Friend, however, thinks they’re the best thing ever.


Toys are of course lots of fun for Fido. They’re also great for his mental and physical well-being. Make sure your canine companion has lots of fun playthings. Inspect your dog’s toys regularly, and (discretely) toss and replace anything that’s worn or ripped.

Comfy Beds

Dogs are super cute when he is snoring and dreaming of chasing squirrels. Make sure Fido has a comfy doggy bed to doze off in.

Veterinary Care

Although your furry buddy may not be thrilled about visiting us, proper veterinary care helps keep him healthy and comfortable. Vaccinations and parasite control also help protect him from dangerous parasites and diseases. We’re pretty sure good veterinary care would be on the list if Fido understood it.


Your dog’s whole world revolves around you. Fido really wants nothing more than to spend time with his human buddies, whether it’s exploring a doggy park or just relaxing at home. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Westside Animal Hospital! As your Savannah, GA vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Call us anytime!

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