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Taking Holiday Pet Photos

December 1, 2018
As the holiday season ramps up into full swing, we’re going to start seeing some really adorable seasonal pet photos. Our furry patients are quite photogenic! However, it isn’t always easy to get great shots of our animal companions. We can help! In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers tips on getting great holiday pet photos.


Sometimes all you need for a great photo is an adorable seasonal prop. Take a picture of Fido sitting in front of the tree, or Fluffy napping under it. You can also try putting some wrapped gifts near your pet. If you are working in a colorful, brightly-lit setting, try to blur the background a bit.


While you shouldn’t force your furry friend to wear a costume, you might be able to get away with putting doggy ‘antlers’ on Fido, or plopping a Santa hat on Fluffy’s head. Just try to snap the photo as quickly as possible. Then, remove your pet’s ‘prop’ and offer them a yummy treat.

Camera Settings

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings. You may want to download some pet photo apps. Some of these even make noises that help capture pets’ attention long enough for you to get the shot you want.


When taking pictures of your pet, sit, kneel, or lie down on the floor. That way, you’re at eye-level with your adorable subject.


Choose a location with a background that contrasts with your pet’s coat. For instance, if you have a white dog, snap a picture of Fido against a dark wall. If you try to get a shot of your pooch before a plastic snowman, it probably won’t come out very well.


Many modern editing programs can really transform average shots into great ones. Experiment with different effects and cropping dimensions.

Pocket Pets

Pint-sized pets can take some adorable photos! Try posing your hamster on a little sleigh, or putting your gerbil beside a tiny Christmas tree. Use the macro setting, if you have one: this tends to work better than the zoom. If you want to get a photo of your little furball inside his or her habitat, angle your camera down, instead of shooting from eye-level. This will reduce glare. Season’s Greetings from all of us here at Westside Animal Hospital, your Savannah, GA animal hospital. Call us anytime!

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