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Easter With Bunnies

April 15, 2022
Easter is just a few days off! Bunnies tend to hop into the spotlight for the autumn holiday. Of course, if you have a bunny, you’ll need to take steps to keep her safe. This can be a dangerous holiday! In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers some advice on spending the spring holiday with Floppy.


Rabbits are basically adorable little chewing machines. Floppy will happily nibble on anything and everything within paws’ reach. Keep anything dangerous in spots she can’t get to. That includes anything with strings or cords, or that plastic grass that comes in baskets. Any plastic objects, such as those colorful toy eggs, are also unsafe.


Be careful with bouquets! Many of those pretty flowers are toxic to bunnies! Some of the dangerous ones include bulbed plants, like tulips and lilies, hydrangeas, poppies, chrysanthemums, and hemlock. Ask your vet for more information.


Be careful with those sweets! It may seem cute to give Floppy a chocolate bunny, but chocolate is actually toxic to rabbits. Those individually-wrapped easter eggs are pretty dangerous, as are foil wrappings and hard candies.


Are you having company over? Keep Floppy in her cage, unless you’re able to supervise her pretty closely. If you’re having a lot of people, you may want to put your bunny’s cage in a quiet back room, so she doesn’t feel frightened or exposed.


Bunnies do love sweets, so giving her a bit of banana, apple, or strawberry as a treat would not be inappropriate. Just don’t give Floppy anything unsafe. That includes garlic and onions, scallions and chives; grapes and raisins; avocado; pitted fruit; and anything high in salt, sugar, or fat. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Tips On Adoption

We can’t really talk about Easter and rabbits without touching on a major issue: the thousands of bunnies that are adopted in spring, and then abandoned or rehomed a few weeks later. We know, bunnies are adorable, but there’s much more to caring for them than just admiring how cute they are. Rabbits are living beings, who need lots of love and care to thrive. In fact, Floppy can live ten years or longer. Before adopting, think long and hard, and do plenty of research. Please contact us with questions or concerns. As your Savannah, GA animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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