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Caring For A Blind Pet

May 1, 2022
Specially-abled Pets Day is May 3rd! Specially-abled pets are pets that aren’t quite perfect: they may be deaf or blind, or perhaps missing a limb. Unfortunately, these guys have a very hard time getting adopted. While many people assume that specially-abled pets need a lot of extra care, that isn’t necessarily the case. You may just need to do things differently! In this article from Westside Animal Hospital, a Savannah, GA vet offers some advice on caring for a pet that is blind.

Keep A Steady Routine

Many of our furry pals do best on a set schedule. Try to keep your pet on a consistent routine for things like walks, meals, and playtime.

Talk It Out

Do you talk to your pet? You should! It’s a great way to bond and interact with them. This is doubly—if not triple—important for pets that can’t see. Your voice will be a guiding light to your pet, helping them track where you are and how you feel. It will also be very comforting to them.

Home Setup

Runners can help your four-legged friend navigate their way around your home. You can also use scent markers, such as air fresheners. Keep anything sharp or dangerous in spots your pet can’t reach.

No Surprises

One thing many blind pets have in common? They hate being snuck up on! Stomp your foot or say your dog or cat’s name before approaching them, so they know you’re there.

Keep Things The Same

Fido and Fluffy can learn their way around, but can trip over unexpected obstacles. Try to avoid rearranging your furniture and/or leaving things on the floor that your pet could trip on.


You should never force attention on Fido or Fluffy. However, many blind pets really love being petted. Pay lots of attention to your furry bff!


Who says blind pets don’t play? Fluffy may enjoy being ‘tickled’ by a wand toy, while Fido may like a squeaky toy. You can also opt for treat-dispensing toys, which are of course a huge hit with our patients.

Petproof Everything

Blind pets are quite vulnerable to injuries. Keep up with petproofing! Use baby gates before potential hazards, such as pools, fireplaces, and stairways. Ask your vet for petproofing advice. Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please contact us, your local Savannah, GA animal clinic!

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